Saturday, May 21, 2016

Leadership isn't about power

I've held off commenting on the situation that took place in Ottawa to give myself a chance to think about the situation rationally.

What strikes me is that nobody realizes that this is what we've come to. I actually don't blame Justin Trudeau as an individual, I blame a dysfunctional system. It's dysfunctional because we've allowed it to deteriorate into a pile of rubble.

What we saw in the House of Commons yesterday was a metaphor of how far things have devolved. Somewhere along the line people began to compromise their principles. It's those principles that allow us to differentiate ourselves from animals.

Democracy is manipulated by people that seek power; it's the manipulators that need to sit a few plays out. Leadership isn't about power, it's about compassion.

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  1. I can feel the frustration but I don't think we've allowed it if by we you mean this generation.

    Liberal Prime Ministers have often been thugs with a disdain for democratic processes and institutions. Recall Chretien and his "hands on" approach to democracy, and PET who was not above letting bayonets do his talking, just watch him.

    Even John A MacDonald used bayonets and rope when democracy threatened to rear it's ugly head to prevent Canada from colonising todays Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. That was John A putting the Liberal into Liberal-Conservative.

    Canada is a mess, has deteriorated into a pile of rubble in many ways and I think you've hit on one of the main reasons, compromising principles.

    Thanks for the post, it inspired one of my own.

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