Saturday, February 23, 2013

Is it a flip or a flop?

"Do we have a spending problem?" 

"I think we do have a spending problem."

So that pretty much means she lied last spring when she insisted that they did not have a spending problem. 

Wasn't it this same person that claimed everything was fine? Didn't she make promises like we had a bottomless pit of money to draw from?

Last month the Premier spent tens of thousands of our dollars to tell a little fable about a bubble. Yesterday however she didn't seem quite as sure about that story. 

So what gives? Why this sudden realization of reality, the real reality, not the one she's been trying to sell Albertans. 

I forgot where are we by the way? Is this a flip or a flop?


  1. Joe, I think you have the timing wrong. Up until last week she still maintained we did not have a spending problem. However with her numerous "conversations" including her hand picked summit, she found that she could get no one to solidly agree with her, so time for a flip or a flop - I prefer to call it the "Wonderland Shuffle". I do think she will be replaced as leader this fall but am not very enthused by those waiting in the wings.

  2. I was being kind on the timing. I wouldn't want to be accused of being to hard on her by the progressive crowd.

  3. I'd say it's a flap, actually. A fudgy flap.Alison, Doug, Fred and Co. have painted themselves into a corner
    and it seems that people aren't buying the fertilizer
    that they are selling. Yes "We" (the royal We) have a spending and revenue problem. I don't, but "We" do.
    Earth to Alison, Earth to Alison, Come in Alison. The cupboard is kinda bare and you gambled and lost. You have admitted you have a problem. Now, what are you going to do about it, Hmmm?

  4. Alberta, the province with the greatest Canadian advantage, is falling apart after 15 years of missing vision, vacuous plans and gross mismanagement by the reigning political party. The effects of this are catching up with us after years of weak administration:
    1. The 1998 demolition of Calgary’s General Hospital, to build a new Hospital would have cost $500
    million,( there was no need to destroy this building that could have had a 100 year lifespan) is now replaced with a new hospital in Calgary South in 2013 for a whopping $1.5 billion. Calgary’s most prime land where the old hospital sat was given away at well below cost. No vision!
    2. In 2006 the new Children’s Hospital opened, very nice indeed. The old one, renovated for $10+ million remains empty without a future cause or purpose except a CT Scan Department which could have been located somewhere else. Besides the renovation cost, Alberta taxpayers are also charged with the cost of six years of up-keep for a near vacant building. No business person would do that! This hospital could have and should have been upgraded for day surgery in order to reduce the workload in other hospitals.
    3. The updated Holy Cross Hospital was renovated for $25+ million cost and given away below its’ value. It should be reclaimed from the owners for the amount they paid and made into a general hospital for very urgent cases downtown. Every energetic, dynamic, vibrant city like Calgary has a hospital downtown for urgent needs when other hospitals are too far away.
    4. Our healthcare system has been mismanaged since the mid 1990’s, and is still working in the same crisis management style situation today. The cost is uncontrollable, and doctors not being permitted to speak up only happens in Alberta (but not in a democratic country...). You need qualified doctors and trained business people to get the system going, not puppets who live in a dream world.
    5. Has queue jumping become the new 2-tier system in Alberta? Investigations into queue jumping are estimated to cost $10 million. Will there be any cost-effective outcome? No. People in power started that system – the privileged get service a.s.a.p., and little Joe waits for service until he dies. Will anyone in this investigation be charged? No, because it’s top government and friends that started this. Even former Premier Ralph Klein jumped the line. The nurse who told him to get in line was let go. The only people who will profit from the $10 million price tag are friends of government, retired judges and lawyers as a bonus for a trial of propaganda which was not necessary.
    6. The widening of Queen Elizabeth II at Crossfield from four lanes into six lanes was not at all necessary. Another waste of taxpayers’ money (how many millions?). Four lanes would have been adequate for the traffic volume for many years to come.
    7. A high speed rail for Alberta has been discussed many times over the years. The cost would have been $3 – $4 billion. Today it would be $12 - $15 billion. If the government really had any vision, the rail would have been done over a decade ago for huge savings.
    8. Alberta’s oil industry (and our main income) was poorly represented by our man (our former health minister) in Washington. He didn’t do his job. He didn’t tell the world that we are cleaning up many millions of years of old contamination. We wouldn’t have the same problems now with our new pipelines. We need to urgently get our oil to the market to get income into our drained out bank to have funds to spend for the budget.
    These are only a few things that have been mismanaged by our Alberta government, but you can see how time and wrong decisions made by government severely catches up to us.

    Herb Waap
    Red Deer, Alberta

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