Friday, April 13, 2012

Alberta`s Unluckiest Farmer

Ray Danyluk must love being an MLA for the good folks of Lac-La-Biche St Paul.

Indeed he must be very committed to his constituents and very committed to living among them.

We know that is true because nothing else would explain his irrational attachment to the jinxed land that he farms.

You see, over the last ten years Ray Danyluk’s small mixed farming operation in Elk Point has had AFSC claims totalling $1.36M – that’s not too much less than he got for being an MLA and cabinet minister.

He has had worse luck than his neighbours many of whom have more land and larger operations.

Year after year, since Ray was elected in 2001, bad luck strikes and Ray gets AFSC payouts to cover his catastrophic losses.

Indeed, his best luck years have resulted in payouts that were twice his insurance premiums, in his worst year he received 13 times what he paid in premiums.

In the last 4 years he has received over $700K in payouts on premiums of $101K.

The voters of Lac La Biche need to do Ray a favour and defeat him.
That way he won’t feel compelled to hold onto this accursed land. He might be able to sell it and move to farmland that won’t be so prone to flooding, hail, and drought.

 He may want to lay low seeing it's Friday the 13th and all.
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  1. the conservatives have had 40 years to learn how to game money out of the system. Now it is up to us to fire them and get a new government to look at prosecutions for any cases of fraud.

  2. A good shave would work

  3. ever heard of shaving


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